About Me

Dr. Dina Newman

Personal Life


B.S. 1991, Biological Sciences, Cornell University

M.S. 1993, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Chicago

Ph.D. 1998, Genetics, University of Chicago

Post-doc, Human Genetics, University of Chicago

Research Journey
Developmental bio in frogs (undergrad)Genetics of E. coli colony development (grad school) → Complex trait genetics in humans (post-doc/early faculty) → Genetics and molecular biology education research (current)

Leadership Roles

Director of the Science & Math Education Research Collaborative (SMERC)

Director of the Inclusive Excellence Program in the College of Science (IE)

co-Director of the RIT DBER REU Program

co-Chair of the Undergraduate Genetics Education Network (UGEN)

Mentor in the Promoting Active Learning and Mentoring (PALM) Network

Recent Courses

BIOL-124  Introduction to Biology: Molecules and Cells (AP Scholars section)

BIOL-125/126  Introduction to Biology laboratory

BIOL-321  Genetics

BIOL-412  Human Genetics

BIOL-599  Research-Based Writing

BIOL-601 Genetic Diseases and Disorders